How to Increase Height Naturally

how to increase your height. We see around us that many peoples are facing the problem of height which is too much important for a person if a person has good height he/she looks good and also handsome.

There is not mean that a person who doesn’t have height they don’t looks smart and also faces any kind of problem but Height is essential for a good-looking person.

This is not a thing which we get from the market, this comes from nature, some person gets their height from their parents and if you can’t get your height you can increase it naturally.

yes, you are reading the right thing, you can increase your height naturally. Here we suggest some ways and exercise and also some food by which you can increase your height naturally.

these all are some easy ways, if you apply them in your daily life you can grow your height. Now let’s discuss some points about our topic which is “How to Increase Height Naturally?”.


If you perform 20 minutes of jogging daily, it will keep you fit and fine for long life. This is the most common exercise to increase height naturally.

you can perform this exercise early in the morning, but if want to remain fit and you also have some time for your health. we suggest that you should perform this exercise two times a day, in the evening and also in the morning.

As you perform jogging daily it helps to increase your bone height and also makes your legs and lungs strong. When fresh air in the morning enters your lungs, then it helps to keep your blood circulation maintain and also full fill the amount of oxygen in your body, which is the main source of to increase in height.

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Jumping and Skipping

The person who doesn’t have sufficient height for his/her smart look, they are asking about the different ways to increase height naturally.

No need to worry this is also an easy way to increase height naturally. After jogging you can perform this exercise in the morning and also in the evening time.

Add this exercise to your daily routine and you should perform this exercise in different sets and like 5 sets in a day at a gap of 5 minutes.

When you jump your whole body muscles will stretch and then come in a constant position and when you do it regularly it increases your muscle size which will also help you to increase your height.

If you perform this exercise daily, then your muscles will become strong and after some time you will see a change in height of some inches.

Standing and Stretching

This is also a way by which you can increase your height, you can perform this exercise when you have done both exercises completely, as we know stretching can relax our body after performing all kinds of exercise.

Now you think that, how standing can help us to increase our height, yes it can also help us to increase our height, as it has different postures and positions.

You can perform these both exercises at a time, stand on the base of your toes and then stretch your body and hand upper side, with your hands, like in the picture posture.

In this exercise when you stretch your muscles they become relaxed and they get space to increase.

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Most swimmers have a good height, this is because it is the best exercise to increase a person’s height. We suggest that it should be performed in the summertime in the morning.

When you perform this exercise your whole body parts will work as legs hands and also lungs, then your body becomes strong and bone size also increases along with time.

The most important point about swimming, we know that it is a water sport and performed in water then the gravity of the earth will reduce and make the human body take a sufficient height.


Now you think that it can be also an exercise, yes it is also an exercise which helps you to increase your height naturally. A report by WHO it is found that a person who cycles daily for at least 1 hour will remain healthy and can also live a long life.

This is also an exercise which you can perform any time in the day when you get free time. but here we suggest that you should do this exercise in the morning for at least 30 minutes a day.

As this is not too much hard to do. you can use the cycle when you are going to any nearby market for buying little things.

When you perform cycling it heavily employs your body muscles and your legs which helps you to increase the height of your lower body.

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We have discussed all the exercises above to increase height naturally, but do you think only exercise can increase your height naturally? Yes, but now we will discuss some food and also some nutrients which can help us to increase our height.

As we all know that food is also necessary for our body because it provides all the proteins and carbohydrates which help to increase height naturally. Here are some food items we will discuss these all are available in our houses.

  •  If you want to increase your height naturally then you should take milk daily, we know that milk is full of all the essential proteins, fats and also some carbohydrates.
  • Secondly, you should eat brown rice once a week, you can eat it daily but sometimes we are not able to eat it daily then you can eat it once a week this also helps you to increase your height naturally.
  • Always try to avoid fast food and also some oily food because these all affect our digestive system and cause many problems. always chew your food properly while eating.
  • The seating position also matters in the growth of height always try to sit in the right position and we suggest that always sit on the chair while studying or doing some work.
  • Try to avoid sitting in one place for a long time, because when you sit for a long time in one place, your body will get tired and some kind of pain will cause in your body.
  • Always take enough sleep, we know that for a healthy body sleeping is the main part when we sleep our body will get recovered and we feel relaxed so try to take 6 hours of sleep in a day.

Conclusion: –

At last, it is concluded that there are many ways to increase your height naturally, just you have to give some time to your body for exercise always eat healthy food and take enough sleep.