How to Grilling – 5 Rules for Perfect Grilling

How to Grilling – Rules for Perfect Grilling

How to Grilling? Rules for Perfect Grilling – Let’s face it, we all love grilled meat and we appreciate a well-done grilled steak that seals in all the flavours of the meat. Preparing a grill is more than tossing the meat on a grill and flipping it over and, although the entire process might seem simple, it has some hidden tips that influence the success of a grill. If you follow these rules, you will certainly obtain the most delicious steak.

Prepare the meat properly

Many people get the meat out of the fridge and start adding seasonings and dressing and then toss the meat on the grill. If you want to obtain a perfect steak, you shouldn’t do that but you should wait until the meat reaches room temperature before adding the seasonings because this will ensure the heat will penetrate the meat faster and more evenly. Put the meat put of the fridge 30 minutes prior to grilling it, let it warm, and season it right before putting it on the grill. This way, the steak will form a crust and the seasonings will get deep into the meat for the best taste.

Adjust the grill temperature

When you grill meat, you can’t use the same temperature from start to finish because you will want to obtain a juicy interior wrapped in a crusty exterior. For this, you must alternate between high and low heat. Start with a high temperature of the grill and lower it a few minutes later. Preheat the grill, whether you use a charcoal or a gas grill, and test it with your hand to see if you can hold it 6 inches above the heat for more than 2 seconds. This will ensure that your grill is perfect for a seared exterior and a juicy interior.

Let the meat sear

An important rule of grilling says that you shouldn’t mess with your steak too soon if you want to obtain beautiful grill marks. Once you put it on the grill, resist the temptation of flipping it on the other side after 2 minutes so the meat will get a beautiful crust and grill marks that will guarantee it is done properly.

Check how done the steak is

Another rule says that you have to check how the steak is doing after about 5 minutes on one side and you must flip the meat on both sides to ensure even grilling. Take your grill tongues and press the meat gently to see if the juices come out to prevent the meat from becoming too dry.

Allow the steak to rest

While on the grill, most of the juices in the meat start flowing and if you take the meat right off the grill and cut it, those juices will run onto your plate instead of tendering the meat. Therefore, you must allow the steak to rest after removing it from the grill. Not much, only 5 minutes is enough for the juices to get back into the meat and make it softer and tastier.

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