Date Benefits for Health and side Effects

(11) Date Benefits in Diarrhea

It is important to choose the right food during diarrhea. According to research from Columbia University Medical Center, what we eat in diarrhea can sometimes increase rather than prevent diarrhea. This report states that potassium will be very good for relieving diarrhea. At the same time, you already know that dates are full of potassium.

(12) Date Benefits for Brain Health

Dates are very effective in protecting the brain from stress and inflammation. Regular intake of dates can protect you from neurodegenerative diseases. Neurodegenerative disease is called brain disease in which the nervous system of the brain is affected.

Dates are also found beneficial in increasing memory. According to one study, dates have the potential to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s (slowly decreasing memory). According to a scientific study, dates can be helpful in preventing inflammation of the brain.

(13) Helpful in weight gain

If you are thin enough, you can increase your weight by using dates daily. During the research, up to a 30% increase in weight has been observed from ground date seeds. This study was done on a goat’s baby, so it is believed that it may also increase the weight of humans. However, further study is needed on this subject.

(14) Colon Cancer

Stomach cancer can be fatal, it is also called colon cancer. According to a scientific study, the ingredients found in dates help prevent colon cancer. In particular, polyphenols found in celery dates can prevent cancer. Apart from this, the fiber found in dates is also helpful in fighting stomach cancer and relieving constipation. Also, consuming other types of dates also produces good bacteria in our intestine, which helps in keeping the stomach healthy.

(15) Night blindness

Low vitamin-A is the main cause of night blindness. From the information given above in this article, you may have come to know that dates are rich in Vitamin-A. Dates can be used to remove night blindness.

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