Date Benefits for Health and side Effects

(6) Date benefits for Sexual Health

Dates are also considered very good for sexual health. This is because 23 types of amino acids are found in the proteins found in dates, which are beneficial for sexual health. The thing to note here is that only natural amino acids help improve sexual health.

According to an Indian study, date pollen also helps in maintaining sexual health. It is used to increase fertility. Pollination is also used in medicines to overcome sexual problems.

(7) Date Benefits in Pregnancy

People often ask whether dates can be consumed during pregnancy. We are telling you on the basis of research that dates are safe and very beneficial for mother and child. The fructose sugar present in dates gives a lot of energy to the body without changing the level of blood sugar.

During pregnancy, the woman needs an extra 300 calories, which is matched with dates. At the same time, the fiber present in dates also works to reduce hemorrhoids during pregnancy. However, pregnancy is a delicate time, so be sure to consult a doctor before consuming dates.

(8) Strong immune system

A nutritious diet is the only way to keep your body and immune system strong. Therefore, the amount of protein, iron, and other vitamins in food should be required. Protein strengthens the muscles as well as the immune system. In such a situation, eating dates is considered very beneficial.

Dates are also found to have antibacterial properties, which protect our body from many diseases. It has the ability to fight deadly diseases like cancer and protect the body from it. However, more scientific study is still needed on this subject.

(9) Date Benefits in Constipation

The dates are very helpful in treating constipation. It also has the properties of balancing gastrointestinal infections. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, lack of fiber can cause constipation. During constipation, dates are effective in correcting imbalances in mineral levels in our body, as it contains a lot of fiber. Eating about 35 grams of fiber daily makes your stool soft and there is no obstruction in the digestive process. Also, the fiber present in dates also helps in preventing stomach-related cancers.

(10) Cholesterol

Cholesterol can also be reduced by eating dates. An Israeli study reported that if a healthy person uses dates daily, cholesterol levels and oxidative stress are strongly affected. Dates contain a lot of potassium, which also helps in reducing dangerous cholesterol.

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