Date Benefits for Health and side Effects

Date Benefits for Health and side Effects

Sweetness dissolves in fascination as soon as the date is taken. Dates are as sweet as food. They are equally beneficial. Fiber-rich dates have many secrets to health as well as taste. Through this article, we will tell you about many such benefits of dates, which will give you health as well as skin and hair nutrition.

Before knowing the benefits of dates, know what is the date.

What is a Date?

Everyone likes fruits. But when it comes to dates, its natural sweetness makes it even more special. This is why dates are a favorite food. The date is known as Khajur in Hindi and Tawarikh in Arabic as Pamier in French. Date palm is considered to be a species of palm tree. Its tree is quite large and the leaves are also about four to six meters long. Its scientific name is Phoenix Dactylifera.

It is believed that date palm was first cultivated in Iraq. After which it started being used in Arabia and other countries. Date seeds are also very useful. Many times its seeds are mixed with coffee. And it is also used as an alternative to coffee. Let me tell you that fresh dates are available from August to December. But dried dates are available in the market throughout the year

Let us know what types of dates are there. And among them, which is the most popular and beneficial.

Types of Date

By the way, more than two hundred varieties of dates are found in the world. But here we are telling only a few which are easily found.

(1) Ajwa

Ajwa dates are very popular among people. Coming from Medina, Saudi Arabia, it is very healthy and soft in taste with dates. Ajwa date palm is smaller than other dates. It is believed that after eating Ajwa dates, the rose smells from the mouth.

(2) Medjool

This date was discovered in Morocco, which is believed to be quite delicious. Medjool tastes like toffee. Medjool is considered the most nutritious. It is the most common black dates species.

(3) Deglet Noor

One of the best dates in Tunisia and Algeria is Deglet Noor. Its specialty is that here it is slightly dry and the work is sweet. It is full of many nutritional elements. This date is commonly used in food.

(4) Barhee

The color of the Barhee date is golden yellow. This date is pulpier and is known for its distinct taste. Because of its pulp, it is thicker than other dates and is also very soft.

(5) Hallawi

This date is very tasty to eat fresh. It belongs to Iraq. It contains soluble solids between 24 and 42 percent. However, to a large extent, it can tolerate rain. Hallawi dates are considered the sweetest of the rest. It is small in size.

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