Cashew nut benefits and Side Effects

How to eat cashew nuts and how to use

You can use cashews in many ways for taste and health, such as:

  • You can eat cashew nuts directly whenever you want.
  • It is used in sweets like cashew katli.
  • Fry cashews with almonds, add some salt to it, and eat it as a snack.
  • Cashew can be used as a topping in kheer and halwa.
  • It can also be used when making certain types of vegetables.

Cashew quantity – It is believed that 6-7 cashews can be eaten in a day. Nevertheless, to know its daily quantity, talk to a dietitian once. Keep in mind that cashew nuts should be consumed in limited quantities and you should stay away from salty and fried cashew nuts. People who have negligible physical activity should also avoid the consumption of cashew nuts.

Who should not eat cashew nut – who should avoid cashew nut

  • Cashew does not necessarily affect the health of all. For some people, it can also prove to be harmful.
    Some people may be allergic to the consumption of cashew, so it would be good for them to stay away from it.
  • Cashew contains a good amount of fiber. Fiber works to clean the stomach. Therefore, people who have diarrhea problem should not eat cashew nut.

While cashew is considered beneficial for taste and health, it also has some disadvantages. Know about its loss!


Disadvantages of Cashew Nuts – Cashew Side Effects

Any item should be used in a limited quantity only then it can get the benefit. Just like that, we should know how to eat cashew nuts. The limited use of cashew is beneficial. Its use in large amounts can give negative results. Let’s know the disadvantages of cashew nut.

  • Sodium is found in cashew. If you eat too much cashew, the amount of sodium in the body can increase, which can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. Also, the kidney may be affected.
  • Cashew contains a high amount of calories. Although these calories are good for your health, their intake in high amounts can increase your weight.
  • Fiber is found in cashew. Fiber is beneficial for health, but consuming too much fiber in the form of cashews can cause flatulence and gas.
  • Cashew is rich in potassium. Excess potassium can reach our body due to the consumption of extra cashew, which can lead to sudden stoppage of heartbeat, weakness, and kidney failure.

Through this article, you must have realized that cashew nut is not only delicious but also beneficial for health. Also, you should know how cashew is used. If you are wondering what is the right time to eat cashew, then tell that when your heart wants, then it is the right time to eat cashew. Just keep in mind the right amount of its intake. Because of its high intake, cashew nut loss can be revealed. Hope you like this article.

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