Apricot Benefits, Side Effect and Uses

Apricot Benefits, Side Effect and Uses

Apricot is preferred worldwide due to its sour-sweet taste. Its beautiful shape and different taste can make any food lover crazy. Being nutritious, this juicy fruit is also used in many types of dishes. To stay healthy, you can also add apricots to your diet along with other fruits. We are talking about all its benefits here. In this article, along with the benefits of apricot, its safe quantity, and much other important information are given. Just read the article till the end to know everything about apricots.

What is apricot at the beginning of the article and know about the variety of apricot.

Apricot Variety

Apricot is a type of fruit, which is eaten as a nutritious snack. People also take apricot chutney with spicy dishes. There are many varieties, not one, of apricots. We are talking about some of its common varieties below.

Better varieties for dried apricots: Moorpark, Trevett, Story, Hunter, and Riverbright.

Better varieties for fresh apricots: Moorpark, Blenheim, Earlycoat, Supergold, and Katy are considered good varieties for fresh food.

Different types of apricots found in India: Although many types of apricots are exported from abroad, Halman and Rakchikarpo have high yields. Now we are talking about the benefits of apricot in detail.

What are the Benefits of Apricots? Benefits of Apricots – dry Apricot Benefits

The nutrients and medicinal properties found in apricots make them beneficial for health in many ways. Here we are talking about the benefits of apricots for health. Note that this is not a cure for any serious illness. It can be included in the diet just to stay healthy and avoid the problems described below.

1) Apricot Benefits for Good Digestion

Most physical illnesses start from the stomach. Apricots can help prevent this condition. Apricot contains fiber and fiber proves to be helpful in running the digestion process smoothly. It can help in removing the stool from the body of people suffering from digestive problems like constipation.

2) Benefits of apricot for Vision Correction

With age, due to some physical problems, the eyesight also starts to decrease. In particular, vision becomes weak after 40. One reason for this is the lack of proper nutrition. Actually, an element called beta carotene causes the eyes to become weak and vulnerable to disease. Apricots can help prevent this problem because it contains a good amount of beta-carotene.

3) Apricot for losing weight

Apricots can also be used to lose weight. According to research, whole fruit should be consumed instead of juice to lose weight. Actually, the fiber present in it releases the hormone Satiety, which makes the stomach feel full of satiety. In this case, there is no desire to eat again and again and there is less chance of weight gain.

4) Apricot Benefit for Heart Disease

The heart can be kept healthy by the consumption of apricots. Research has found that apricots contain phytochemicals known as phenolic. These phenolics can be beneficial in relieving heart problems. Another other research suggests that the phenolic compound works as an antioxidant, which shows cardioprotective effects by reducing oxidative stress. This effect can help prevent heart diseases.

5) Benefits of ApricotĀ For Anemia

Anemia decreases red blood cells in the body due to which oxygen does not reach the organs. It is caused by anemia and nutritional deficiencies such as folate. It is recommended to include apricots in the diet of anemia, being rich in iron. Apart from this, apricot also contains pleat. For this reason, apricots are considered beneficial for curing anemia.

6) Is apricot good for Diabetics? Apricot Benefits for Diabetes

Increasing the amount of glucose in the blood can increase the problem of diabetes. A limited amount of apricots can be used to avoid this problem. Research conducted on mice found that apricots contain chlorogenic acid, which can control the absorption of glucose in the blood. In addition, apricots are counted in fruits with a low-glycemic index, due to which there is no excess sugar in the blood. Because of this, it is said that by controlling glucose levels with the help of apricots, diabetes can be controlled to some extent.

7) Fluid Balance

Hydration, overhydration, and dehydration can cause problems when fluid is imbalanced in the body. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to have a balanced amount of water, podium, and potassium. These help in maintaining fluid balance by acting as electrolytes in the body. Speaking of apricots, it contains 86.35 grams of water, 100 grams of sodium, and 259 mg of potassium in 100 grams of it. With the help of these nutrients, the fluid balance can remain in the body. In some countries of Asia, apricots are also used to maintain body fluids.

8) Apricot for Ear Pain

apricots can also be used for ear pain problems, Along with good health. It is said that apricots have many types of properties, one of which is analgesic. Apart from ear pain, this effect can also help in relieving other pain.

9) Benefits of Apricot for Swell

Apricots can be used to reduce inflammation. Because apricots have anti-inflammatory properties. This property is also known to reduce inflammation. In addition to apricots, the edible portion inside its seeds may be beneficial in reducing colon inflammation.

10) Blood Pressure Problem

Apricots can also be used to overcome the problem of blood pressure. Apricots contain essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Potassium, magnesium, and fiber in apricots all play important roles in blood pressure control. This problem can be reduced to some extent by including apricots or dried apricots in the diet.

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